Wednesday, April 16, 2008

do you get emails like this? i do often....

God has seen you struggling, God says it's over. A blessing is
coming your way.
If you believe in God send to ten people, please don't
ignore, you are being tested.

Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not. I try not to think of a god as an old man sitting on a cloud capriciously testing me via email. Most likely who sent me this knows I'm struggling. I don't think there is one person on this planet that does not struggle with something everyday.

So, is it a loaded question? Most likely. But why is this so prevalent and not just via email but also from a myriad of pulpits, quiet conversations among friends, a background conversation in one's head.

I'll get to my point. As an agnostic (I think), pun intended, I don't think the concept of a god is knowable because we perceive a god from our collective limited experiences.....and the world over those experiences have produced hundreds of gods....some discarded by time some still around.

And I think there is a reason for all of these gods, pulpits, and emails. Within every living organism there is the STRUGGLE to survive, to move on, to succeed. Whether that is just aspirating or visiting the moon. There is an innate need to move forward. And I'm stretching here but I think that whatever punched a whole into our dimension and created this universe and this time scale has within it's make up INERTIA. Movement, moving on, struggling, speed and time. So if that is part if it's make up is must be part of ours.

Is it an old man in the sky sitting on a cloud pushing us forward or TESTING US? To me; I'm doubtful. Others seem convinced it is this way. That's all my limited mind has the time for right now; maybe more later.

UPDATE; and the most important thing I believe that completes this circle of thought is the sweet email that was sent to me by my darling niece Whit.

Is THAT the INERTIA, (the first cause). That inertia pushing us forward. It's so massive yet so delicate that it can move you forward by using the biggest of ideas to the smallest of voices. I rarely quote the bible but the christ figure is quoted as saying, "It is love that I leave you". Is that what it is? Does moving forward and not struggling anymore come from the love we have for one another; noticing one another's struggles and nudging them along out of our love for the email from my niece. It has given me pause and this idea always give me pause.

And I mean that literally. Is love used as a tool in our dimension to move us forward. Is it like that in all dimensions? Maybe this god creates thousands of universes and dimensions a day. How would we ever know. The one thing we do know, I believe, is that the tool of love taps into to the inertia of the first cause and moves us forward.

I can hear you all collectively moaning and I can see you rolling your eyes. "That Jamie, why can't he just believe." To me struggling with these ideas is the only to believe.

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